Alone Zone Private reading chair

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Alone Zone Private reading chair


A great place for a time out from a busy day! Children are drawn into the cozy, comfortable, private reading chair that features book storage above and a built-in backcase on the backside that’s designed to prevent climbing. The side portal windows are covered in safe, shatterproof yellow acrylic to allow light in and provide easy viewing for supervising adults. Satisfies every state requirement for a dedicated quiet space in Early Learning classrooms. Seat cushion included.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • GreenGuardâ„¢ Gold certified
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Material: Birch plywood
  • Age: 30 – 72 Months
  • Weight Limits: 0-100 lbs
  • Finished Size: 23.5x28x48 inches

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Alone Zone Private reading chair

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